Built for Rebuilding

eCommerce is never as simple as a shop, so we've created the framework to support whatever you want in ways your users recognise.

Go Faster StripeĀ®

Queue Pay runs on StripeĀ®, one of the most trusted payment facilitators in the world, to provide your customers with a seamless checkout experience and your organisation with its' dues on time.

Pretty from the back, too

Our versatile and user-friendly backend works hand-in-hand with our frontend to ensure your beast is tamed straight out of the box. Anyone can wrangle it.

Queue for You

There isn't much Queue Pay can't do to bring your concept to reality, but here's a taste of it's talents.

Lightning Speeds

There's nothing worse than customers spending more time than money. Our framework adapts flawlessly to modification to kick that habit where it hurts.


Whether it's tweaks within tweaks or Titanic-class tasks, Queue Pay can handle the load and still produce gold standard results.

A Familiar Face

FAQs are far from fun. Our intuitive user interface makes your solution clear, compact, and clever.

Data for All

Insights shouldn't take a doctorate to decipher. We break down data to keep your whole organisation in the loop, not just the suits.

For Franchises

Queue Pay can be whitelabeled and quickly modified for firms that run on a franchise model. HQs can have as much or as little control over any aspect of their franchisees' storefronts - commissions, items styling, data collection, and more.

For Table Ordering

Queue Pay can scale and adapt brilliantly to restaurant, bar, and pub environments where online table ordering is quickly becoming the norm.

For Sole Traders

Queue Pay works a charm if you're looking for an inexpensive and reliable eCommerce solution. Whatever you sell, Queue Pay's pre-built template provides a simple way to sell without the complexity or cost of our bespoke solutions.

For Charities

By removing unnecessary road blocks, Queue Pay can facilitate contactless charitable donations through methods that donors have come to recognise whilst making the donation process unmatched in efficiency.

It doesn't get much better than this.

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