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Queue Pay removes flaws from mobile fundraising for more of the stuff that makes a difference. No upfronts, subscription or obligation.

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An end-to-end service for any fundraiser.

We help charities raise the most they can in the best ways possible through bespoke full-service packages, or for small charity and individual fundraisers, a seamless way to start raising straight away with Queue Donate, our super fast QR fundraising software.


All we do. All you need.

Anyone can set up a Queue Donate fundraiser in minutes, and by doing so, you instantly get the following perks:

Stripe Integration

Our payment provider, Stripe, allows you to set up donation pages with Apple Pay and Google ay by default. There's no easier way to support a worth cause!

Customise & Deploy

Customise your fundraiser how you like and make it accessible anywhere with automatically generated, data gathering QR codes.


Data done right.

With every account comes your own intelligent dashboard for specific analytics, insights, and reports on your fundraisers. Access them day, night or whenever's right.

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